Additional rules for fruit trees and rootstocks

For fruit trees and rootstocks the following rules apply:

1. A request for derogation for the use of non-organic vegetative propagation material should be made before the 1st of July in the year before

2. Order apple and pear trees 
SKAL  handles derogation requests for apple and pear trees and apple and pear rootstocks only if it can be shown that orders were done before the 1st of July in the previous year from planting and at that time could not be delivered. Read more… (only in Dutch).

3. Order apple and pear rootstocks 
Growers of organic apple and pear trees must order their rootstocks before the 1st of July. They need to prove that they ordered timely, before July 1st, their organic rootstocks which however could not be delivered. This order should have been placed at organic certified producers or suppliers of rootstocks.

4. Equivalent alternatives (fruit trees and rootstocks)
For fruit trees and rootstocks a list of equivalent alternatives is used. Meaning that before requesting for derogation, you need to check the availability of organic propagating material of alternative varieties on this list. If there is an alternative variety, you must use that variety. When there is no alternative variety, you can request for derogation.